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Flirt With Text Flirt With A Girl Or Guy By Using Text Messages

How To Get Her Or Him In 3 Texts Or Less

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How To Flirt With Text To A Guy

How To Flirt With Text To A Guy – How to Flirt With Text To A Girl – 10 Tips

Here are some handy tips and secrets you can use when you want to text him something. Warning:  These are powerful tips that can make him or her fall for you instantly!

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1.  Use the K.I.S.S. approach.  Don’t be lenghty.  Keep your texts short and simple.  You want to maintain a sense of mystery with your texts.

2.  While texting be sure to use their name.  Guys like hearing their name and so do girls, or in this case, seeing it in text.  It makes the conversation more personal.  You want to.especially use their name or pet name when you’re saying something cute or perhaps complimentary.

3. Be Careful When You Flirt With Text To A Guy or Flirt using text messages to a girl. Don’t always be asking them to meet you somewhere.  Particularly true if it’s short notice.  That’s a turn off. Guys don’t like a girl that’s constantly being pushy and vice versa.  The will respond when they are ready to see you.

4.  Don’t make it seem obvious that you are flirting by text messaging.  You don’t want to give the impression that you are “easy”.

5.  Text nice things and compliment the person you are texting.  Be flirty but also be nice. Men love flirty texting and attention. If you say something nice about them, they’ll make it a point do even better next time.

6.  Don’t keep being pushy and clingy.  Guys are not interested in a girl that’s constantly trying to be in his face.  He’ll respond to your text message eventually.  Don’t keep sending flirty texts if he doesn’t respond at first.

7. Tell him you were thinking about him.  Guys have an ego and like being remembered.  It goes a long way in a text message.   Say something about him and give him a compliment.

8.  Use smiley face.  Smiles make him smile and by using smiley faces you are being fun and flirtatious.  Sometimes just a wink and a cute little smiley face is the only thing you need to begin a text conversation.

9.  Don’t be naughty upfront.  Always wait til he begins the intimate approach or talking dirty.  But, you can say something that will get his curiosity up like I’m getting ready for a bath.

Use these 9 tips on how to flirt with text when you next pick up your phone to send a text message to a guy or send a text message to a girl.  It’ll make them want you much more.

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What Guys Text To Girls

Here are some tips of what guys text to a girl

What Guys Text Girls – 1. “If I take the time out of may day to text a girl, it’s because I like her and want to hang out.” Jeremy C – Louisville, Ky

Text A Girl Tip: Don’t be pushy. Let the guy be the first to say he wants to meet up.

What Guys Text Girls: 2. “I try to be funny and display humor. I send cute jokes to get them to smile. If I like someone I’ll send a text that’s flirt.” Randy Carson – Bellevue, Wa

Text A Girl Tip: Keep the conversation flowing smoothly and be funny.

What Guys Text Girls: 3. “When I send texts I don’t use the silly one letter abbreviations. Also I make sure my pronunciation is correct I know when to use your instead of you’re and their instead of there. If she’s a girl I like, I take the time to write it out, it lets her know she’s important enough that I took the time to text.” Kenny Martin – Memphis, Tn

Text A Girl Tip: Don’t rush. Take your time and get the girl with text.

What Guys Text Girls: 4. “I use texts as a way of promoting myself to her. I try to be funny and mysterious.” Jason, M – Florida

Text A Girl Tip: Carefully choose your words when you text a girl.

What Guys Text Girls: 5. “If I sense that a girl is not interested or not responding to my flirty texts, I slow down and be more like her. No sense in keep texting a girl if she don’t care.” Robert M Jackson – San Diego, Ca

Text A Girl Tip: Be cool, don’t be pushy. Stay along her lines.

What Guys Text Girls: 6. “I usually text if I’m in a busy or loud place and can’t hear over the phone.” Brandon Stanton – London, England.

Text A Girl Tip: Short messages from a girl saying what’s she’s doing makes me feel good unless I really like her and want to go in depth. I usually call if it is something important.

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